Finding Creative Writing Contests

Creative writing is different from academic and technical writing. It involves the writer to use his or her imagination, such as in poetry, development of a character, and a theme. A creative writer may want to showcase his or her talents, but do not know how to go about it. There are creative writing contests that writing companies offer every year. There is a deadline for each submission. That is why it is important to get work on your creative writing piece early. There are some places where you can find creative writing contests. It is important when submitting a piece of work to not pay a fee. Creative writing contests are free.

Ask your creative writing teacher for information on creative writing contests. Creative writing class teachers will even look for contests for you, if they find that you have an interest. It is best to ask your teacher during the beginning of the semester since most contests require submitting work early in the semester. When you begin writing your piece, take your time, but not too much time. Your creative writing teacher will more than likely help you as well. The teacher will not write it for you, but give you support and answer any questions you may have.

Guidance counselors is another way you can find creative writing contests. Guidance counselors have resources for students that will help them. A lot of times students do not use those resources. For instance, if you tell your guidance counselor that you are looking for creative writing contests, he or she may find a number of resources, including scholarships, grants, and contests. Look over all the materials that the guidance counselor gives you and choose which ones you want to give to. If you plan on going to college, the scholarships and grants will come in handy.

Go online to find creative writing contests. Social media are exploding and it is a way to find just about anything. On Google, search creative writing contests and you will see sites that are taking creative writing submissions. Make sure you read the rules before submitting. That is with all contests. You have to read the rules because not doing so may keep you out of the running of winning the contest. Do not be afraid to apply to many creative writing contests. Just because you lost one does not mean you will lose all of them.

Visit a newspaper or publishing agency to see if they are having any creative writing contests. Sometimes these agencies do not make these contests public and if they do, not many writers know about them. Always ask questions to make sure that you are going to give the work correctly. For instance if you are unsure about if you can write about anything or is it for just one category, such as poetry. Newspaper and publishing agencies may have other resources for you, such as where you could give your work. Whether it pays or not, but either way you will still want someone to see your work.

Another place you can find writing contests are on high school and college bulletin boards. Most students do not read bulletin boards where they have so much valuable information. Browse the bulletin board to see if there are any creative writing contests.

Creative writing contests are scary, but fun at the same time. You are using your imagination and putting it down on paper for the world to see it. By doing so, you could win money that will help you to take your next step in life, such as going to college.