Essential Resources To Help You Write A Book

Writing a book is a journey into the creative centers of your mind. This journey is led by your heart and brought to life with your imagination. The pursuit of literary fame is not easy, in fact, many writers give up long before they become published authors. There can never be too many books in the world or too many stories in the library, so if you are interested in writing a book, our list of resources can help make your trip significantly easier.

Wattpad & Medium

Books and stories are meant the be shared with the world. If you are looking for an easy way to get feedback from the public and from other writers, Medium can deliver. With just over 65 million users, this is a great way to get motivated to complete your work. The site allows you to upload single chapters at a time and even link out to your online bookstore. Wattpad is another way to build a readership following and upload your stories in shorter sections.

Dragon by Nuance

The physical act of writing often limits how much a writer can actually get down on paper at any one time. Instead of fighting with yourself to sit down and write, this software allows you to both transcribe and dictate your words so they can easily be transformed into your book. While you still need to spend time training the software to fully understand your syntax, once you have it set up you can speak your stories into existence in no time flat. The price is a bit on the higher end but if you tend to write a lot, it can be worth the investment. If you are looking for a more affordable option, consider Descript. This is a SaaS product that offers a similar service for a much lower cost.


Finding the right book editor is an essential part of self-publishing. While you can proofreading your text on your own, an editor can help see your story from a different angle. This can help you narrow down the focus when your characters run off track, or just simply polish up your content to make it publishing-ready. Book Butchers can do it all including pacing, plot development, content organization, and more. Reedsy is a similar service however it is more of a marketplace rather than a one-stop-shop. Regardless of which one you choose, the prices are affordable, and the editing services provided will make your book look highly professional.

BookBaby, Kindle Direct Publishing & IngramSpark

Publishing is the most important part of writing your book. With BookBaby you will have access to worldwide distribution channels and very affordable ISBN’s you can assign to your published book. If you are not quite sure about the cost, the calculator on the site will help you budget your publishing to meet your specific needs. Kindle Direct Publishing is one of the most popular places for authors looking to self-publish. You can release an electronic book with the option for audio or to print a paper copy on demand. If you are on a budget this low-cost option is worth considering. IngramSpark is a great resource for writers who want to sell their books in places other than Amazon. You can use them to distribute your books to libraries, bookstores, and even big-box bookstores like Barnes & Noble. There is a small fee to set up your account but it is well worth the sheer number of benefits you will experience.