How easy is it to Publish on Kindle?

How easy is it to Publish on Kindle?

Lots of people have trouble with self-publishing because they believe that it is too complicated and they will need to spend money to get someone to help them with all of the various aspects of it. The truth is, while spending some money on your self-published book makes sense when it comes to book covers and editing, formatting and publishing on Kindle is a really simple process that anyone can learn. Let’s take a look at the steps that are involved in publishing a book yourself on Amazon Kindle.

Step One: Write Your Book

Before you can do anything to do with publishing, you first have to write your book. Many people get into self-publishing and start learning about things like cover creation and formatting with Microsoft Word before they have written their first sentence. This is a really bad idea for a couple reasons. First, you will not understand formatting unless you have a completed book to work with, and you may decide that the formatting is so complex that you don’t want to write your book after all.

Step Two: Finalize Your Book

You will need to finalize your book as the next step. This means that you want to do any editing that is required and either outsource a book cover or create one yourself. You also want to make sure that your book is divided up into chapters and ready for formatting.

Step Three: Use Microsoft Word for Formatting

The best program to use to format your book for Amazon Kindle and other e-book readers is Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word is useful because it allows you to set up page breaks of the you know where page ends. Plus, with Amazon Kindle specifically, there is a Microsoft Word plug-in that you can use to preview what your Kindle book will actually look like. There is an IT Services NYC company specifically for

Step Four: Fill Out the Information

You’ll need to fill out the information on the Kindle publishing platform in order to get your book on the shelves so to speak. This information will include the title, description, keywords, author names and a whole lot more.

Step Five: Upload Your Book & Cover

The final step before publishing your book is to upload your book and the cover for it. When you get to the end of filling out the information, it will ask you to upload your PDF or Word document, and then to upload your cover as a PDF. There are guidelines included that will show you how to make sure your cover is the right size. Once you have uploaded your book, it will ask if you want to preview and you can see what your book will look like on someone’s Kindle.

Step Six: Publish Your Book

After you have done all of this, then it’s time to publish your book. You just simply click the publish button and then wait for Amazon to check your book and put it on the shelves. The process says it can take 24 to 48 hours, but unless there is a problem it usually takes closer to 6 to 12 hours.