A Couple of Useful Sites For Finding A Cheap Book Cover Designs

Finding Cheap Book Cover Designers

Book cover designs can definitely be expensive. New York publishing houses spend hundreds of dollars on the perfect cover design and sometimes a lot more depending upon the prestige of the author. So how do you find a book cover for your self-published book that you can afford? There are a few options out there that you should be aware of before you go looking for a designer that will charge you way more than you want to spend. Kick back, relax with some lavish scents out of an essential oil diffuser, and we can go ahead and look over some options. Here are five of the best options to choose from in order from most expensive to least expensive.


The first option that we are going to discuss is Reedsy. This is a website that allows you to pay a certain amount and get a whole bunch of designs in return. Designers create your book cover depending upon how much you pay, and the more that you pay for this design, the more offers you will get; which means more designs of course.


The second option is the Kiindle Boards, which gives you access to a lot of different book cover designers that are all competing for customers, which often means that you can get the lowest price. It is also where you can get the highest quality, so you want to compare the price that is being offered for the quality of the designs and that person portfolio. They should be able to show you some of the designs they have done in the past.

Freelance Websites

you also have the option of looking on freelance websites try to figure out if there are any book cover designers on their the will charge you a fair price the book cover design the you want. The problem is, you’re going to have to pay the designer for creating your design even if you do not like it. That’s because the nature of the payments taken by these freelance websites. They are going to make their money regardless, even if you do not get product that you have specifically ordered.


You also have Fiverr as an option. This will allow you to choose a designer the charge is very little for their work, but the quality is probably going to be pretty poor. Most of the designers on this website work on templates that they have created for other people, so even if you have a good design, the work is likely not going to be original. However, the upside is that it only cost you five dollars.

Design Your Own

Finally, you have the option of designing your own book cover. While not everyone will be able to use Photoshop to create their own book cover design, most people would be able to create something comparable with what you would find on Fiverr. Designing your own book cover gives you all of the creative freedom that you need to create something perfect for your novel or short story, and that may be worth the work involved.